Combe’s Covid-19 Guidelines.

Summary · The UK government has issued updated guidance. Detailed advice can be found on the Public Health England website, NHS.UK and, Foreign and Commonwealth Office websites.

· Updated UK government guidance was issued on 4th July 2020 permitting village halls and facilities to open under strict new conditions.

· Indoor sports classes such as gym and pilates remain prohibited.

· Public gatherings of up to thirty people are permitted if they are “Covid secure”, however detailed risk assessments need to be carried out first. It is unlikely that a hall the size of the Combe Pavilion could safely hold that many people; the current thinking is that capacity limits will be required but further guidance will be provided once the risk assessments have been performed.

· The ECB’s position is due to be announced on 11 July but it is likely to exclude use of the changing rooms and hall facilities. The Football Association have announced that training can recommence in groups of six.

· The closure of the pavilion will continue until such time as the risk assessments have been performed and the committee feel it is safe to re-open. In addition, the Trustees ask that Combe residents and other users follow government instructions when enjoying the use of the playing fields. Social distancing is a legal requirement.

· Weddings and other bookings are now possible but under controlled circumstances. Please discuss any such requirements with the lettings secretary so that guidance can be given. No bookings can take place before the risk assessments are in place.

· We will update the position during August. We very much hope we will be able to put in place appropriate measures such that the hall and its playing fields can be used for small groups using social distancing.

Key Contacts

Lettings: Jo Willis-Bund General: Madeline Laxton

Football: Chris or Jo Drinkwater

Cricket: Mike Eeley

Finance: Mike Lloyd

Maintenance: Paul Bowerman

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